Airports in Noumea
Airports in Noumea

Over a total of 15 airports, there are 2 main airports in Noumea :

Tontouta international airport:

Tontouta welcomes international flights from Australia (6 weekly flights from Sydney, 3 from Brisbane and 2 from Melbourne), New Zealand (5 weekly flights from Auckland), Japan (6 weekly flights to Tokyo and 2 to Osaka), Vanuatu (8 flights per week to Vanuatu) and 3 flights from Fiji.

Qantas, Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu as well as Aircalin the New Caledonian international airline regularly operates on Tontouta airport.
Tontouta is a modern airport. The new terminal has been inaugurated in 2013 and has all facilities, including restaurant, café, car rental, ATMs and currency exchange booth.Tontouta is about 45 minutes drive from Noumea’s city center.

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Magenta domestic airport:

Magenta airport is located in Noumea’s city and does receive flights from Isle of Pine, the loyalty islands (Maré, Lifou and Ouvéa) as well New Caledonia’s mainland (Koné and Touho).

It is mainly used by the domestic airline Air Caledonie, helicopter companies as well by flight clubs.

Both Airports are managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and you can find information on airports in Noumea on the CCI website , including time of departure and arrival.

A bit of history:

Tontouta airport was named after the river located a few kilometres away from the Airport and that also named the village next to the Airport. The Airport of Tontouta has been the most important platform from the beginning of aviation in New Caledonia. The first flight from France, aboard the Couzinet 33 Biarritz landed in Tontouta, in 1932.

But the development of the platform was linked to the 2nd World War. Tontouta infrastructures were improved and its runway was increased by the US “Poppy Forces”.  Commercial operation of Tontouta Airport started a few years after the war: the first commercial flight to France was operated in 1949.