Aquarium of Noumea
aquarium of noumea

If there is anything that makes New Caledonia special in the South Pacific, it is its lagoon.  New Caledonia’s lagoon is not only the largest in the world, what makes it truly amazing is how well preserved it is.

We strongly recommend that you make sure your holidays in New Caledonia include a snorkelling or diving trip. But if you have little time on the island, you can get a glimpse of its beauty, and learn about all the local species, by visiting the aquarium of Noumea.

The aquarium of Noumea is conveniently located between Lemon bay and Anse Vata and you can easily spend 1 to 2 hours there. It is not the largest aquarium in the world, but it is extremely well arranged and you get to see all the sea life, from exotic fish, to marine turtles and stunning coral.

The colourful tanks, filled with all species living in the lagoon of New-Caledonia will make you realize how rich is the underwater life, and the reason why New Caledonia’s lagoon belongs to the UNESCO’s World Heritage list (*).

Passion is at the heart of the aquarium of Noumea. It is the passion of a man, Dr Catala and his wife that made it possible, more than 60 years ago. Today their dream is kept alive by a team of passionate people that take care and maintain it, 365 days a year.

Suitable for kids, as well as adults, the aquarium of Noumea has been completely refurbishedd and is a must see.

More information on the aquarium of Noumea website.

One of our guides at Oleti Tours is fond of fishing and sailing and he can accompany for a guided visit of the aquarium. Great stories to share.

(*) the Caledonian lagoon has been on the World Heritage Site since 2008, and is a gem to preserve.