One of the fruits of New Caledonia, is passion fruit (Passiflora edulis). It is locally called “pomme liane” (1), which means apple liana. Most people know the fruit, but less people know that indeed it grows on a liana. The passion fruit is originally from South America, and has been imported to New Caledonia by the first Europeans. The passion

Port boisé is a hidden gem of the great south of New Caledonia. Southern inhabited point of the great south, Port Boisé is really worth the trip. From Nouméa, count a 2-hours drive to arrive to Port Boisé. Then enjoy! Port Boisé (meaning timbered harbour) has been an important site for timber exploitation in the early days of the colony.

Looking for a hotel in Noumea? We are happy to present, one of our partnering hotel in Noumea, hotel Le Paris. Hotel Le Paris is a family run boutique hotel, right in the city center of Noumea. It is conveniently located between the commercial and touristy districts. The hotel offers comfortable bedrooms, French breakfasts, a lounge and a conference room.

So what to do in Nouméa? If you don’t know yet, a unique experience is a night or 2 at Escapade island.  Located just 20 minutes from Noumea by boat, the “Escapade island” luxury resort is a heaven of peace, and the only resort of its kind in New Caledonia. Half of the luxury accommodations are built on land, while

You believe buying alcohol in New Caledonia will be simple? Not always 😉 ! You cannot buy any type of alcohol, anytime, anywhere… Bans on alcohol exist! And even for us, as locals we sometimes get to our favourite local shop and find a sign indicating that alcohol cannot be purchased. (: This partial ban on alcohol has been in

What are the best Noumea tours? It really depends on what you are looking for. The capital city of New Caledonia offers many options for those looking for great Noumea tours. Historical Noumea tours:  Being the capital city of New Caledonia since 1854, Noumea concentrates lots of the history of the colony. Discover and visit some of the historical colonial

What is the best tour in the great south? That is a question that a few of our clients recently asked us! The Great South of New Caledonia is indeed a land of contrast and variety and many options exist. You know it as well, as we do: everyone has its own likings and tastes. Determining the best tour is

If you are looking for a National Park in New Caledonia, you might look for a long time… 🙂 There is none! The reason is simple, the environment is a competency of each province of New Caledonia. Therefore you will not find National Parks in New Caledonia, but Provincial Parks 😉 That is just a difference of wording! In the

If you want to stay connected during your trip and use your mobile phone in New Caledonia (1), the OPT (New Caledonian Telecom operator) has recently launched a new product, specifically designed for travellers. The Tourism card is a prepaid sim card valid for 3 months that enables calls, texts and data. The benefits of the tourism sim card: A