Best guide in New caledonia – For a yummy good time, choose Wamy!
Best guide in Noumea

Born and raised in New Caledonia, after working as a translator and interpreter, Wamy has been a guide since 2012. Passionate about his job, he sees his mission to share his knowledge about New Caledonia.

Oleti Tours (0T): Where are you from?

Wamy: I am originally from the small island of Tiga in the Loyalty islands of New Caledonia. I know very well the South of New Caledonia, as I have lived in the region of Yaté for many years, when I was a kid.

OT: Are you the only kanak guide?

Wamy: there are a few other kanak guides, but I am the only one that works as an independent guide. It is something I am proud of.

OT: Where did you study?

Wamy:  I did study in Australia for 5 years from 2000 to 2005. I was studying at the Griffith University in Brisbane as well as the Christian Outreach Center. My majors were in communication, English and Japanese.

After that I spent one year in Fiji and learnt social care, before returning to New Caledonia and finishing with an English degree at the University of New Caledonia.

I like to say that I am a local but I am not in a bocal, as I have been to many different countries

OT: What does it take to be a good guide?

Wamy: you need a variety of different skills to be a good guide. You obviously need a good knowledge about the place where you are a guide, including politics, economics, culture and geography, as our guests are curious about all sorts of things.

You also require good language skills and good people skills (closeness, patience, respect…).

Finally you need to have a good sense of orientation and to be able to quickly react to unforeseen events (bad weather, activity cancelled …) and find a plan B that will make everybody happy.

OT: Which tour would you recommend to our visitors?

Wamy: definitely it would be to immerse yourself in a tribal tour. A great way to learn to local culture.

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