Best tour in the great south of New Caledonia?
best tour in the great south of new caledonia

What is the best tour in the great south? That is a question that a few of our clients recently asked us! The Great South of New Caledonia is indeed a land of contrast and variety and many options exist.

You know it as well, as we do: everyone has its own likings and tastes. Determining the best tour is always a challenge. Here is our attempt to answer this question:

  1. The blue river park: a wonder in wonderland!

Created in 1998 to safeguard this unique environment, the blue river park is the perfect place for nature lovers.  The blue river park is a provincial park (equivalent to a national park in many countries) and protection efforts have been substantial here. Since its creation, the population of Cagous (the flightless endemic bird) has doubled, for example.

best tour in the great south of new caledonia

The forest also hosts a giant Kaori tree (more than 1000 years old), and many endemic plants and trees. Lots have also been done to welcome visitors, including picnic sites, shuttles inside the park, signboards, bike rentals… The blue river is really a must do in New Caledonia.

More information about the blue river park.

  1. Colours of the Great South – Prony and Yaté

This tour will give you an overview of the landscapes of the Great South. On the menu, red iron rich soil, blue rivers, lakes and sea! This is the perfect tour for those who want to discover the landscapes of New Caledonia. You will also get to meet the local population, with a visit and lunch in one of the tribes of Yaté.

More information about “Colours of the Great South”.

  1. Inspiring Great South is designed for people who want it all!

You will visit the villages of Prony and the tribes of Yaté as in “Colours of the Great South”, but also will discover the southern tip of New Caledonia’s mainland, cap Ndu’a. The view from Cap Ndu’a is simply awesome and place to whale observatory during the fresh season (July to September). It is a full day tour, with an option to stay one night in Yaté or in Port Boisé.

More information about “Inspiring Great South”.

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