Best waterfall near Noumea
waterfall near noumea (4)

Looking for the best waterfall near noumea? Follow the guide! 🙂

waterfall near noumea (4)
La madeleine waterfall

New Caledonia has plenty of waterfalls. In particular, the central mountain range and the east coast of new caledonia have magnificent waterfalls, including the most well known cascade of Tao, near the village of Hienghène.

The West coast being flatter and experiencing less rain, has nonetheless a few nice and accessible waterfalls.

If you are staying in the capital city, here are 3 waterfalls near Noumea that we recommend!

1. The most well known in the South province is “Les chutes de la Madeleine”, literally the Madeleine waterfalls. It is located in the Great South of New Caledonia in between the historical village of Prony and Yaté’s lake. It is an elegant waterfall in the middle of a national park (provincial). From the car park, follow a 2 kms botanical path that will lead you to the waterfall. Discover an amazing nature: 95% of plants in the park are endemic to New Caledonia. Just unique! Another stop that is a must around La Madeleine, is the site of La Netcha where you must enjoy a swim.


2. Continue the road towards Yaté and cross the village of Yaté, to reach the next waterfall. The wadiana waterfall is just at the exit of the village of Yaté. Count a 1h30 drive from Noumea, on the scenic drive that goes along the lake of Yaté. Simply magic sceneries! The Wadiana waterfall is always in movement, changing with how much rain has fallen over the region. It is a popular place where

melanesian like to spend time. The Wadiana waterfall is to be seen on our inspiring great south tour.

waterfall near noumea (4)
Wadiana waterfall


3. Only 30 minutes drive from Noumea is another more discreet waterfall. Mount Koghi, hosts the closest waterfall near Noumea. After a 45 minutes, moderate hike you arrive at a beautiful waterfall immersed in the tropical forest. If you don’t mind the fresh (local people would say cold) water, enjoy a swim!

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Note: in French, a waterfall is a “chute d’eau” (literally water fall) or “cascade”. Waterfall near Noumea is translated as “Chute d’eau près de Nouméa”

waterfall near noumea (4)