Learning French in New Caledonia in full immersion is perfect! Enjoy great weather, splendid countryside, taste delicious French and local  food, while you learn French! Only 2 hours from Brisbane, 3 hours from Sydney, Auckland and 3 hours and a half from Melbourne, New Caledonia is the closest French speaking neighbour to Australia and New Zealand. If New Caledonia boasts

You are a cruise passenger on a pacific trip and you wonder what to do during your call in Noumea? You can do really a lot in Noumea, but our advice is not to try to do everything. Noumea is a small city but nonetheless very active, and it won’t be possible to all in just a day. Our advice

If you are visiting New Caledonia and are interested in a botanical tour to discover its flora and fauna, we recommend you to visit its mangrove forest. The mangrove forest is not endemic to New Caledonia but nonetheless it is a vital environment, unique and often mysterious. The mangrove forest offers a protection of coastline from cyclones, and acts as

Whether you are interested or not by the plants of New Caledonia, there are 2 trees that you can’t miss during your visit to our island: the Flame tree and the African tulip tree! Both are covered with redish/orange flowers but they are not to be confused. First let’s clarify that those 2 plants of New Caledonia are not endigenous

One Sunday a month, Samuel Machon the French chef from the restaurant L’alinéa (one of the best in town, ranked #7 out of 246 restaurants in Noumea on tripadvisor at the time of writing this article), opens the doors of his kitchen for an authentic French cooking class. Sunday August 5th: today the French cooking class topic is the preparation of

Can you bring and fly your drone in New Caledonia? New Caledonia is a beautiful island. It is beautiful from the land, but is really be amazing when observed from the sky. No wonder you want to take your drone during your visit to New Caledonia! But, can you do so and fly your drone in New Caledonia? The answer

Sustainable tourism – Crown of thorns outbreaks Similarly to our pacific neighbours, New Caledonia has experienced large outbreaks of Crown of thorns (Acanthaster solaris) in the past decades. Recent studies from the French IRD seems to indicate that outbreaks are intensifying. At Oleti Tours, as an actor of sustainable tourism in New Caledonia, we wanted to share the latest state

Why is community tourism good for everyone? For a long time, New Caledonia has based its economy on nickel mining, but things are changing and tourism is becoming important in the economy of the island. At Oleti Tours, we are of course happy of this development, but here are 3+3 reasons why we think community tourism is the way to

On June 28th, the archaelogist M. Christophe Sand, gave an exciting conference at the Tjibaou Cultural Center, in Noumea and presented the latest information about the early population. Here is a quick summary of what archaelogy can teach us: 3000 BC – austronesian migrants left from Asia: It took them nearly 2000 years to arrive to New Caledonia. On their

We would like to thank Deborah from Provincial Living magazine for having chosen Oleti Tours in partnership with New Caledonia Outdoors to organize their one week New Caledonia holiday package entitled « French Immersion Tour ». Thanks also to all the members of the group  who joined Debbie for the tour: Kerrie, Marjorie, Jeff, Helen, Darren, Sue, Donna, Becca and Alex, Oleti