Why is community tourism good for everyone? For a long time, New Caledonia has based its economy on nickel mining, but things are changing and tourism is becoming important in the economy of the island. At Oleti Tours, we are of course happy of this development, but here are 3+3 reasons why we think community tourism is the way to

On June 28th, the archaelogist M. Christophe Sand, gave an exciting conference at the Tjibaou Cultural Center, in Noumea and presented the latest information about the early population. Here is a quick summary of what archaelogy can teach us: 3000 BC – austronesian migrants left from Asia: It took them nearly 2000 years to arrive to New Caledonia. On their

We would like to thank Deborah from Provincial Living magazine for having chosen Oleti Tours to organize their one week New Caledonia holiday package entitled « French Immersion Tour ». Thanks also to all the members of the group  who joined Debbie for the tour: Kerrie, Marjorie, Jeff, Helen, Darren, Sue, Donna, Becca and Alex, Oleti for having been our guests. It’s

Located a few kilometers north of the tropic of Capricorne , New Caledonia experiences a very nice climate. The weather in New Caledonia is characterized by : Trade winds. They blow most of the year from the East to South East. They never become very strong. Tropical temperatures, moderated by the ocean that surrounds the islands it is generally said

Over a total of 15 airports, there are 2 main airports in Noumea : Tontouta international airport: Tontouta welcomes international flights from Australia (6 weekly flights from Sydney, 3 from Brisbane and 2 from Melbourne), New Zealand (5 weekly flights from Auckland), Japan (6 weekly flights to Tokyo and 2 to Osaka), Vanuatu (8 flights per week to Vanuatu) and

Just 8 kilometers from Noumea’s city center, the Tjibaou cultural center is a true haven of peace. It is an art and festival center where exhibitions and concerts are held all along the year. The center was named after Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the kanak priest and leader of the independence movement who co-signed the important Matignon agreement (Peace) in 1988. True

(Cheap or) Free things to do in Noumea? You don’t want to spend much money, but still want to discover Noumea. Here are a few things you can do in Noumea’s town center, we recommend. Compared to other islands in the South Pacific, New Caledonia has very good museums. Small country means that they are not the smithsonian ;), but

This could start like a native kanak tale:  Once upon a time, there was a bird living on the pacific island of New Caledonia. New Caledonia was so remote that very few animals lived there: some birds, geckos and bats were the only large animals on the island. This bird was a normal bird and was spending his day flying

Want to go hiking near Noumea? Excellent idea and the good news is that you don’t need to drive much to discover great paths… New Caledonia has a range of mountain in its middle (called “La Chaine”, literally meaning the mountain range. Not very original name 😉 ) and offers gorgeous paths for those who enjoy hiking and treking. Here

The whole Oleti Team wish you a happy New Year from New Caledonia, Nouvelle Caledonie, Nueva Caledonia…. 2018 is an important year for New Caledonia with a referendum on autonomy held at the end of the year: New Caledonians will vote on whether they want to stay part of France or not. At Oleti Tours, we are here to please