Always on the look for good addresses, let us introduce the Kava Cafe Store. Recently opened, it is the first Kava bar in Noumea. His founder Kim is enthusiastic about the concept of the store as well as his product, green Kava. The Kava bar indeed offers a unique concept in Noumea: In a relaxing environment, you can enjoy a

One of the fruits of New Caledonia, is passion fruit (Passiflora edulis). It is locally called “pomme liane” (1), which means apple liana. Most people know the fruit, but less people know that indeed it grows on a liana. The passion fruit is originally from South America, and has been imported to New Caledonia by the first Europeans. The passion

You believe buying alcohol in New Caledonia will be simple? Not always 😉 ! You cannot buy any type of alcohol, anytime, anywhere… Bans on alcohol exist! And even for us, as locals we sometimes get to our favourite local shop and find a sign indicating that alcohol cannot be purchased. (: This partial ban on alcohol has been in

One Sunday a month, Samuel Machon the French chef from the restaurant L’alinéa (one of the best in town, ranked #7 out of 246 restaurants in Noumea on tripadvisor at the time of writing this article), opens the doors of his kitchen for an authentic French cooking class. Sunday August 5th: today the French cooking class topic is the preparation of