July event New Caledonia – Yaté Kanak fair. A must do! Once a year, the region of Yaté (South of New Caledonia) organizes the famous Kanak fair of Yaté (Nûévarè Xéjö Mô Xé Dra” in local Kanak language) in June or July. There is a good reason why the fair is organized at this period: it is the fresh season

There are lots of events taking place in an around Noumea, mainly during weekends. Here is a shortlist of a few things to do, when you are visiting New Caledonia. Saturday June 1st, 2019 – 9:30am: Guided visit of the maison celieres. La maison celieres is one of the most well-known colonial house of Noumea and is really worth a