One of the fruits of New Caledonia, is passion fruit (Passiflora edulis). It is locally called “pomme liane” (1), which means apple liana. Most people know the fruit, but less people know that indeed it grows on a liana. The passion fruit is originally from South America, and has been imported to New Caledonia by the first Europeans. The passion

Mount Koghi park comprises 3 mounts (Malaoui peak, mount Moné and mount Bouo). It offers a wide variety of sceneries (primary forest, waterfalls, bush…) and is known for its very rich and diversity biodiversity.

If you are visiting New Caledonia and are interested in a botanical tour to discover its flora and fauna, we recommend you to visit its mangrove forest. The mangrove forest is not endemic to New Caledonia but nonetheless it is a vital environment, unique and often mysterious. The mangrove forest offers a protection of coastline from cyclones, and acts as

Whether you are interested or not by the plants of New Caledonia, there are 2 trees that you can’t miss during your visit to our island: the Flame tree and the African tulip tree! Both are covered with redish/orange flowers but they are not to be confused. First let’s clarify that those 2 plants of New Caledonia are not endigenous

Sustainable tourism – Crown of thorns outbreaks Similarly to our pacific neighbours, New Caledonia has experienced large outbreaks of Crown of thorns (Acanthaster solaris) in the past decades. Recent studies from the French IRD seems to indicate that outbreaks are intensifying. At Oleti Tours, as an actor of sustainable tourism in New Caledonia, we wanted to share the latest state

This could start like a native kanak tale:  Once upon a time, there was a bird living on the pacific island of New Caledonia. New Caledonia was so remote that very few animals lived there: some birds, geckos and bats were the only large animals on the island. This bird was a normal bird and was spending his day flying