Why is community tourism good for everyone? For a long time, New Caledonia has based its economy on nickel mining, but things are changing and tourism is becoming important in the economy of the island. At Oleti Tours, we are of course happy of this development, but here are 3+3 reasons why we think community tourism is the way to

We would like to thank Deborah from Provincial Living magazine for having chosen Oleti Tours to organize their one week New Caledonia holiday package entitled « French Immersion Tour ». Thanks also to all the members of the group  who joined Debbie for the tour: Kerrie, Marjorie, Jeff, Helen, Darren, Sue, Donna, Becca and Alex, Oleti for having been our guests. It’s

The whole Oleti Team wish you a happy New Year from New Caledonia, Nouvelle Caledonie, Nueva Caledonia…. 2018 is an important year for New Caledonia with a referendum on autonomy held at the end of the year: New Caledonians will vote on whether they want to stay part of France or not. At Oleti Tours, we are here to please

Before you come on a guided tour with Oleti Tours, you first need to arrive to New Caledonia, and knowing where the island is located can be useful knowledge. If you already know the answer, you can skip this article and move on to rest of our website! Otherwise, stay with us. Frequent answers I got when I was travelling

My name is Lea. I am a 23 years old New Caledonian woman, with a strong desire to make you discover how New Caledonia is an amazing place. But before we have a chance to meet in person, let me introduce myself. It all started in 1994 in Bondy (nothing to do with Bondi Beach, Sydney, Bondy is north of