You believe buying alcohol in New Caledonia will be simple? Not always 😉 ! You cannot buy any type of alcohol, anytime, anywhere… Bans on alcohol exist! And even for us, as locals we sometimes get to our favourite local shop and find a sign indicating that alcohol cannot be purchased. (: This partial ban on alcohol has been in

If you want to stay connected during your trip and use your mobile phone in New Caledonia (1), the OPT (New Caledonian Telecom operator) has recently launched a new product, specifically designed for travellers. The Tourism card is a prepaid sim card valid for 3 months that enables calls, texts and data. The benefits of the tourism sim card: A

Can you bring and fly your drone in New Caledonia? New Caledonia is a beautiful island. It is beautiful from the land, but is really be amazing when observed from the sky. No wonder you want to take your drone during your visit to New Caledonia! But, can you do so and fly your drone in New Caledonia? The answer

Located a few kilometers north of the tropic of Capricorne , New Caledonia experiences a very nice climate. The weather in New Caledonia is characterized by : Trade winds. They blow most of the year from the East to South East. They never become very strong. Tropical temperatures, moderated by the ocean that surrounds the islands it is generally said

Over a total of 15 airports, there are 2 main airports in Noumea : Tontouta international airport: Tontouta welcomes international flights from Australia (6 weekly flights from Sydney, 3 from Brisbane and 2 from Melbourne), New Zealand (5 weekly flights from Auckland), Japan (6 weekly flights to Tokyo and 2 to Osaka), Vanuatu (8 flights per week to Vanuatu) and

The currency in Noumea, New Caledonia is the Pacific Franc (abbreviated CFP or XFP). It is tied to the value of the Euro (there is a fixed rate of 1 Euro equals approximately 120 CFP). The question you may ask is whether you need CFP when travelling to New Caledonia? The answer is still YES, but it is very easy