3+3 reasons why community tourism is good for everyone
community tourism

Why is community tourism good for everyone?

For a long time, New Caledonia has based its economy on nickel mining, but things are changing and tourism is becoming important in the economy of the island.

At Oleti Tours, we are of course happy of this development, but here are 3+3 reasons why we think community tourism is the way to go and why you should choose Oleti Tours to organize your holidays! 😉

First community tourism is good for you:

  1. It does create far more unique experiences: far away from the standardization observed with mass tourism, community tourism enables unique, more authentic experiences: YOU will experience genuine traditional food, learn local know-hows!
  2. You will meet real people who will open the doors of their homes and will not consider you as a tourist but as a guest. A real human experience!
  3. You will be part of a small group. At Oleti Tours, the maximum of guests we take is between 8 to 10 people and thus you will be able to have more genuine interactions with local people.

Community tourism is also good for local communities:

  1. tribal tourIt does foster community based conservation of local habitats, traditional cultures, languages and rituals: because you will come from far away sometimes to visit them, native people will better understand the value of their own culture and by sharing it, it will keep alive.
  2. Community tourism does promote the protection of natural environment by both native people and tourists. It is green and sustainable tourism, that is good on the long run.
  3. It helps maintain activity in remote tribes and villages and thus maintain native peoplein those areas rather than having to migrate for economical reasons to Noumea.

Finally we could add a 7th reason: we LOVE to do it ourselves when we travel and we believe it is a good thing for the whole planet and that is why we will be happy to welcome you. Contact us and we will help you organize your holidays. 🙂