Coronavirus in New Caledonia
Coronavirus in New Caledonia

2 days ago, everything was calm in New Caledonia and people were quietly enjoying a Kava while watching the sunset. There was no known case of Coronavirus in New Caledonia. Yesterday, our government announced the first imported cases of Coronavirus in New Caledonia.

Stricter measures have immediately been announced, including a 14 days quarantine for all entrants on the island and a progressive reduction of international flights.

Obviously for a tourism company, like Oleti Tours, cases of Coronavirus in New Caledonia is a tragedy and we have already lost nearly 100% of our bookings. Nonetheless, we fully understand that health and safety should take over business, economy and leisure. That is now our collective responsibility to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread further.

First reactions:

As a direct consequence, we have decided the following measures: 

  • Help our clients postpone their trip for the end of 2020 when possible.
  • Quickly refund all our clients who ask for a cancellation. Apart from a minimal bank and administrative fee that has been deducted to cover for these costs, we have reimbursed all our clients.
  • For the very few tours that we have left, we have decided to make them private and to limit interactions with the local population. We can still enjoy the beautiful sceneries of New Caledonia 😉

Leisure and travel should be a pleasure first and we understand that when things go bad, we also need to be there for you and make your experience (even when the experience is limited to a cancellation) as good as possible. 

What next?

It is very early in the crisis, but we believe that in a few months the situation will be much clearer and that borders will open again. 

We feel that lots of things will change though, and that travel and tourism will not be the same after. At Oleti Tours, our aim has always been of developing a sustainable tourism that is good for everyone. Good for you, our guests of course, but also for the local population that we involve as much as possible. Good for the environment too.

We have always believed that small groups, private tours, preferring hidden gems rather than busy touristy sites should be the way to go. 

We hope to see you again in a few months, but for now we ask you to stay at home and abide with your local directives. That is how the collective fight over coronavirus will be won.

In the meantime, we wish you, your families and friends, courage and patience in this crisis. As the British would say: “Keep calm and stay at home for now”. 

If you need more information, feel free to contact us and we will try to help as much as we can.

Oleti, merci, thank you.