Day trip in Noumea
day trip in noumea

Noumea, the capital city of New Caledonia has so much to offer, you won’t get bored, as long as you are willing to take a tour and escape from the town centre. Here are 6 things we recommend to do on your day trip in Noumea.

  • Start your day by a visit to the local market, where you will get a feeling of what New Caledonia is about: diverse and rich: taste letchis and mangos in summer: simply yummy 😉
  • Any day trip in Noumea should include some sightseeing: there are a few lookouts and the view over the lagoon is just amazing. The Ouen Toro lookout, though it has become very touristic remains a must see.
  • If you come during the summer period, we recommend a swim, either at one of Noumea’s beach, or within a 30 minutes’ drive, you can enjoy the fresh water from one of the rivers around Noumea.
  • Time for lunch: there are lots of good restaurants in Noumea. Some are reasonably priced and you get quality food. We know them well, just ask for advice.
  • After lunch, include a cultural visit to your day trip to Noumea: The Cultural and Art Centre jean marie tjibaou is a must see and you can also visit one of the museum of Noumea (City Museum, 2nd world war museum or Maritime museum): You will discover thousands of years of kanak settlement in New Caledonia, as well as the last 150 years since colonization.
  • The sun sets down and it is time to relax. Enjoy a fresh drink at Lemon Bay or discover the kava experience while watching the sunset. A perfect way to finish the day.

It is already time to say goodbye, or tata as New Caledonians say, but memories will stay forever.

Contact us and we will organize you the best day trip.

Thank you, Merci, Oleti



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