Drone in New Caledonia
drone in New Caledonia

Can you bring and fly your drone in New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is a beautiful island. It is beautiful from the land, but is really be amazing when observed from the sky. No wonder you want to take your drone during your visit to New Caledonia! But, can you do so and fly your drone in New Caledonia?

The answer is YES, as long you comply with the 7 safety rules and you ask for an import authorization before you come to the island.

From a Civil Aviation standpoint, the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, commonly called drone) for non-commercial (leisure) activities is permitted in New-Caledonia as long as you comply with the 7 following safety rules.

7 safety rules for operations of a drone in New Caledonia:

  1. no flight over any individual nor structure (the minimum horizontal distance to be implemented between the drone and anyone on the ground – except the drone controller – as well as any structure (boat, building) is 30 meters),
  2. no flight over suburban / populated areas,
  3. no flight in the vicinity of airports / heliports,
  4. no flight over 150m from the ground,
  5. no night flight,
  6. no flight out of sight of the drone,
  7. should you hear or have an (manned) aircraft in the area, the operations shall stop at once.

Those rules where valid at the time of writing this article. Should you need updated information, please contact the local Civil Aviation Authority of New Caledonia.

Import authorization for a radio-transmitting device:

Furthermore, as you introduce a radio-transmitting device within New Caledonia, you will need to obtain an import authorization as issued by the National Agency of Radio Frequencies (ANFR).  You can directly follow the instructions on https://www.anfr.fr/outre-mer/nouvelle-caledonie/autorisations-dimportation/ and download on that page the form (one version in English!) to be filled and sent back to that Agency at aai@anfr.nc.

Enjoy your flight 🙂