End of confinement in New Caledonia: the big day!
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As our local main Newspaper, les Nouvelles Calédoniennes stated: “end of confinement in New Caledonia, the big day”!

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It is a big day for us indeed, even the sky seemed to tell us that it was a special day with heavy rain all day long, followed by a splendid sunset 🙂 . Nonetheless we need to be prudent and not celebrate victory! We know that it might be temporary, and that in any case health safety measures such as cleaning hands and social distancing must be kept in place.

Nonetheless we can tell you that it is a true relief and being able to circulate freely is a freedom we will value more than we used to.

We hope that wherever you are, your country will quickly manage to control the epidemic and that life will resume. It will not be the same, but we will adapt and make the best out of it 😉

What can we tell you about the last 4 weeks of confinement in New Caledonia?

A month ago, our last post was about the first cases of coronavirus in New Caledonia. Since then, like most countries, New Caledonia has taken strict measures. Confinement has been swiftly implemented and we have been happy to observe that the New Caledonian population has applied the measure.

Borders were closed on March 21st and since then only a few international flights to repatriate New Caledonian residents have been organized and will continue till the end of May. Hotels have been requisitioned by the Government to be used as 2 weeks quarantine for all entrants.

We have had a few imported cases of Coronavirus, but no local case. We had no case at all for the last 2 weeks and as a consequence, the New Caledonian Government has decided to release the confinement in New Caledonia as of April 20th.

What about Oleti Tours?

As for us, we know that international tourism will not resume anytime soon but we hope flights will resume before the end of the year.

For us, the next few months will mean that we will have to start again from scratch. We have decided to temporarily focus our activity on the transport of New Caledonians and help people for their grocery shopping, medical or other appointments.

As a second phase, we are thinking of developing new and more innovative products. If you have any idea, feel free to contact us, any positive input is very welcome.

We wish you, your family and your friends all the best during this challenging period and we look forward to getting in touch with you.

Oleti, merci, thank you.


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