Our aim is to make your day in Noumea, a fun, interesting and definitely stress-free experience.
Noumea is a modern and safe city compared to many other cities in the Pacific, but it is still different from what you are used to, and here is some information that should help make your day a pleasurable experience.
In any case, just remember that your guide is there to help you. Feel free to ask.

Health and Safety

You will find any type of food in Noumea (French food, Pacific Island, Asian….) and everyone can find food that will suit them.

Make sure to inform us when booking. Additionally, our guide will ask the question during the OLETI briefing.

Yes, tap water is drinkable. We also have fresh bottled water on board of our van.

Feeling thirsty, just ask your guide !

Yes, Noumea is a safe city and people are peaceful (pacific).
Our guide does know very well the city and will only bring you where you will have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Just remember that people drive on the RIGHT side of the road and make sure to pay attention when crossing a road.

Noumea is now virtually mosquito free and New Caledonia is still exempt from some disease like Malaria.

Nonetheless your safety is our concern and we do have mosquito repellent available on board of our van. Feel free to ask.


Unless you speak a Kanak language, French is the main spoken language.

Most New Caledonian people learnt English at school but haven’t practiced so much, so their English might be ‘rusty’, but they are always willing to help you.
Your guide will be bilingual (or more) and will help you around. It is another reason to book with us and make your day a real success.

A lot of shops are closed on Sunday especially in the town center.
Caledonian people are deeply attached to their Sundays: going to the Church, sharing time with their family or enjoying their favorite leisure is what Caledonian people like to do on a Sunday.
That being said, if you drive away from the town center, you will find that other parts of the city are vibrant with activity.

Book a tour with us on a Sunday and you will make the best out of it.

Paiement and Money

You can cancel your tour at any time, because we want you to make the best out of it.
Nonetheless if it is a short notice cancellation, we will take a cancellation fee, to cover for our costs.

Please contact us for our detailed reimbursement policy.

Noumea is a modern city and you will find ATM in many places, at banks or supermarkets.

Just ask us and we will stop at the closest ATM.

People don’t usually give tips in New Caledonia, unless the service is considered exceptionally good.
Giving a tip will never be considered as an offence, but that’s really up to you to decide when you want to give a tip.

Our website is available for online booking and payment.

We also accept cash in Pacific Francs, Australian dollars or US dollars on the day, but we aware that we generally ask for a deposit to secure a tour.

Few shops accept foreign currencies, but just ask us and we will stop at an ATM to withdraw Pacific Francs.


Generally, wear comfortable, light clothing. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses, and bringing your swim suit is always a good idea!

New Caledonia has a subtropical climate with temperatures in their 20s during the fresh season (June to September). In summer (December to February) temperatures remain moderate and it is rare that they go above 33C degrees.

Additionally, our van is modern and has air conditioning: if it is too hot for you outside, just go back to the van.

Please refer to the tour description for any additional information.

Some products are forbidden by national biosecurity rules, such as wood (but not all), sand or shells.
Please refer to your guide who is knowledgeable and can also provide you with the proper biosecurity certificates.