French cooking class – Noumea
French cooking class – Noumea

One Sunday a month, Samuel Machon the French chef from the restaurant L’alinéa (one of the best in town, ranked #7 out of 246 restaurants in Noumea on tripadvisor at the time of writing this article), opens the doors of his kitchen for an authentic French cooking class.

Sunday August 5th: today the French cooking class topic is the preparation of fresh foie gras!

We did attend to the latest cooking class Samuel gave. On the menu was the preparation of the delicious foie gras. The foie gras is a specialty dish from the South West of France and is an exquisite gourmet food. Well prepared, it is decadently rich and tasty!

French cooking class – Noumea

9am: everyone is on time and ready to start the class! Participants are offered a cup of coffee or tea while Samuel explains the origin of the Foie Gras and how to choose the best quality foie gras to buy. Patiently Samuel shows the subtle movements to delicately prepare the ingredient.

10am: Time now for each participant to wear the apron and practice. Under the active supervision of chef Samuel, each participant is given out a whole fresh foie gras. Samuel is a passionate and patient teacher and he shares the tricks of the job.

2 hours later, each one has been able to successfully prepare, season and cook their fresh foie gras. Satisfaction is clearly on the menu!

12am: The cooking class finishes with a degustation: time to enjoy the dish with a glass of wine and share their experience. Each participant is already thinking about when to practice what they learnt during their French cooking class!

 Who is Samuel Machon?

Samuel has been a chef since the age of 15 and has extensively travelled and worked in various countries including France, Spain, Vanuatu, La réunion before settling in New Caledonia 13 years ago.

French cooking class – Noumea

Through his travels, his cooking style has evolved under the influences of both Asian and Mediterranean cooking. He now enjoys preparing healthy food and is keen on sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone.

Samuel particularly likes to work with locally sourced products, each day adapting his recipes to the what’s available. As much as possible he also incorporates organic ingredients. His motto: “a beautiful, tasty and healthy cooking”!

Passionate teacher, he does share his time between his restaurant L’Alinéa and cooking classes that he gives in Noumea.


If you are interested in a cooking class or gourmet tour, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to organize it for you. Thank you, merci, oleti