Hiking near Noumea
hiking near noumea

Want to go hiking near Noumea? Excellent idea and the good news is that you don’t need to drive much to discover great paths…

New Caledonia has a range of mountain in its middle (called “La Chaine”, literally meaning the mountain range. Not very original name 😉 ) and offers gorgeous paths for those who enjoy hiking and treking.

Here is a selection of 3 paths great for hiking near Noumea, specifically adapted for cruise passengers. Those 3 paths we recommend to our guests are within a 30 minutes drive from the cruise terminal, so you get more time to enjoy the hike:

  • “Les Marmites” (meaning cooking pots): This in an ideal hike for the whole family. Drive to Dumbea river. At the end of the paved road, that is where the path starts: Just cross the river on your left (most of the year there is little or no water) and a 1.5 hours hike will lead you to blue holes called the “Marmites”. 3 things that are great about this path: There is little height difference along the path, making it an easy hike. There is lots of shade on this path and the path follows the Dumbea river, so that is a hike you can even do on a hot day: enjoy a swim in one of the many blue holes. It is one of our favorites!


  • “Mount Koghi” is the highest mountain close to Noumea. Drive up to mount Koghi and from the carpark is a great viewpoint over the city. Many paths in the tropical forest start here. Observe the fern trees, listen to the sound of the Goliath pigeon, experience a tree top walk or enjoy a swim in a fresh water cascade.


  • “Le Mont Dore”: Le Mont Dore is south of Noumea and is mostly known for its water source, but it is also home to a impressive path: the path starts just next to the source (you will see local people filling-in bottles and tanks) and will lead you to the top on the mount. Splendid view over the south of the island and Noumea. As there is little shade on this path, it is best to do this hike during the fresh season (May to September).

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