Kava bar in Noumea
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Always on the look for good addresses, let us introduce the Kava Cafe Store. Recently opened, it is the first Kava bar in Noumea. His founder Kim is enthusiastic about the concept of the store as well as his product, green Kava.

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Kim serving the Kava in his kava bar Noumea.

The Kava bar indeed offers a unique concept in Noumea: In a relaxing environment, you can enjoy a shell of fresh green Kava. Unlike nakamals where dry Kava roots are used, that is indeed fresh green Kava that is served.

The relaxing effect of Kava is quickly felt, but the drink is served fresh and it is easier to consume than usual Kava. For those who would like an alternative to a bar and alcohol, we recommend this experience.


Practical information about the Kava bar Noumea:

The Kava Cafe store is located 96 rue du Général de Gaulle, Noumea, near orphanage bay. Restaurant during lunch time (called HanaHana), the Kava cafe store opens from 4pm to 8pm.

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Where to find the Kava bar Noumea

HanaHana serves delicious seafood dishes. Booking is required: +687 27.24.50

Oleti, thank you, merci

Note: Kava is usually imported dry from neighbouring countries of Vanuatu, Fidji or Papua New Guinea. Green Kava is transported frozen, which enable the product to keep all its nutritional value.


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