Mobile phone in New Caledonia
Mobile phone in New Caledonia

If you want to stay connected during your trip and use your mobile phone in New Caledonia (1), the OPT (New Caledonian Telecom operator) has recently launched a new product, specifically designed for travellers.

The Tourism card is a prepaid sim card valid for 3 months that enables calls, texts and data.

The benefits of the tourism sim card:

  • A local New Caledonian phone number (2) that enable you to call New Caledonian phone numbers but also be called by locals without any surcharge
  • It is reasonably priced
  • No data roaming (no bad surprises)

You can purchase it at an OPT agency while in New Caledonia, but we can also deliver the sim card when you arrive at Tontouta airport. If so, please just let us know when you contact us for a Tontouta airport transfer or tour.

More information about the tourism card and how to use your mobile phone in New Caledonia:


(1) New Caledonia has a very good telecom infrastructure and 3G/4G is available in many places, even remote.

(2) New Caledonian numbers are composed of 6 digits and the country code is +687