National park in New Caledonia
National park in New Caledonia 2

If you are looking for a National Park in New Caledonia, you might look for a long time… 🙂 There is none!

The reason is simple, the environment is a competency of each province of New Caledonia. Therefore you will not find National Parks in New Caledonia, but Provincial Parks 😉 That is just a difference of wording!

In the South province, there are now 6 Provincial parks that are all worth a visit:

  • The most well known is the Blue river park: in the typical Great South environment, the blue river park is where half of the population of Cagous (the flightless endemic bird) is to be observed. You can also observe the more than 1000 years-old giant Kaori tree and so much more: a true must go place in New Caledonia!
  • Great ferns park: 1 hour and a half North of Nouméa, the great ferns park also boasts an impressive population of birds and endemic plants. To be included if you are spending some time in the region of Bourail for example.
  • Dumbea river park: is a great place near Nouméa for hiking but also to enjoy a swim in the Dumbea river.
  • Forgotten coast park (parc de la côte oubliée): created in 2019, this parks hosts half of the wet forest of New Caledonia. Another figure that speaks for itself: 82% of animal and vegetal species you can observe in the forgotten coast park are endemic to New Caledonia.

The last 2 provincial parks are located in the capital city:

  • The Ouen Toro hill, near Anse Vata might not look impressive, but it represents half of the dry forest (meaning forest growing with very little rain) of the whole New Caledonia. You will for example find in the Ouen Toro, the main population of Sandalwood (used in perfumes) on the whole New Caledonia mainland.
  • The Zoological and forestry park: also located in the city, the “Zoo” is the 2nd best place on the island to observe the Cagou and many of the birds and geckos of the island.

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National park in New Caledonia