New Caledonia holiday package
New Caledonia holiday package

We would like to thank Deborah from Provincial Living magazine for having chosen Oleti Tours to organize their one week New Caledonia holiday package entitled « French Immersion Tour ».

Tjibaou cultural center

Thanks also to all the members of the group  who joined Debbie for the tour: Kerrie, Marjorie, Jeff, Helen, Darren, Sue, Donna, Becca and Alex, Oleti for having been our guests. It’s been a true pleasure getting to meet you and we really hope to see you again !

Simply a GREAT week! Sunny and warm weather, delicious food, beautiful scenery, nice people met along the way !

On day 1, after a visit to Noumea’s market, the group was led to the Tjibaou Cultural Center, where a guided visit, a coconut leaves weaving class and a picnic were organized.

An excursion to the splendid landscapes of the Great South of New Caledonia was organized on Day 2 : the group discovered the ruins of Prony Village and went to the southern point of New Caledonia mainland, Cap N’Dua lighthouse to enjoy the splendid view over the ocean.

New Caledonia holiday package

Day 3 was a culinary tour with a cooking class and a delicious food tasting along the day. Yummy !

The next day (day 4) the group enjoyed a day at the Amedee island, for a visit to the light house (remember painful calves the next morning 😉 ), some snorkeling with the turtles, followed by polynesian dances and a meal on the island.

On day 5, the west coast tour led the group to the Tribe of Oui Poin : discovery of life in the tribe, of local plants and their usage, followed by a bougna, the traditional kanak dish.

The last day (Day 6) : the group discovered the city center of Noumea : all the secrets of Coconut square where revealed and a visit to the City museum (the former city town hall) was organized. After French crepes for lunch, a visit to the aquarium of Noumea was organized in the afternoon.

New Caledonia holiday package

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and the next day everyone had to go back home. 🙁   But we will sure meet again! 🙂

If like them, you would like to organize your New Caledonia holiday package, please contact us and we will prepare your custom itinerary, so that you can enjoy the best of New Caledonia.

Thank you, merci, oleti.