Where is New Caledonia?
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Before you come on a guided tour with Oleti Tours, you first need to arrive to New Caledonia, and knowing where the island is located can be useful knowledge.

If you already know the answer, you can skip this article and move on to rest of our website! Otherwise, stay with us.

Frequent answers I got when I was travelling and told people I was from New Caledonia, were either that they had never heard of it (it is a small island, nearly unnoticeable on a map, that can be understood 😉 ) , or that it was located somewhere between Africa and Caribbean.

It is definitely not in Africa, nor in America, but in the South Pacific. Closest neighbors include Vanuatu (Port Vila is 540 km from Noumea), Fiji (1315 km), Australia (1474 km from Brisbane, 1974 km from Sydney) and New Zealand (1811 km from Auckland).

In other words, New Caledonia is only 2,5 hours flight away from Australia and New Zealand and 2 days on a cruise ship. So close, but also so different, I really recommend that you come and visit the island that mixes native kanak and French cultures in a unique and well preserved environment.

the island belongs to the group of islands called Melanesia, that includes Vanuatu,  Solomon island, Fiji and Papua New guinea, and native people are called Melanesian or Kanak.

New Caledonia has been isolated for very long and isolation from the rest of the word enabled New Caledonia to host a unique ecosystem of Gondwanan plant and animal lineages no longer found elsewhere.

New Caledonia is also on Zealandia, the nearly submerged continent that comprises New Zealand, New Caledonia and a few other small islands.

And it also in my heart 😉 I know it is cheesy, but so true.