7 best beaches in Noumea
Noumea beach

If you already came to Noumea, you probably went to Lemon beach and Anse Vata, Noumea’s most well-known beaches. But Noumea counts 7 beaches in total, each one having its own character, and we recommend you pay them a visit!

Lemon bay (baie des citrons) is definitely Noumea’s busiest beach. The most probable explanation for its name is lemon trees planted along the shore. Lemon bay has a taste of French Riviera with French restaurants and bars, along it. It offers good shade and shelter from prevailing winds and is the favorite beach for many swimmers.

Next to it is Noumea’s largest beach, the Anse Vata. One of the most beautiful beach in Noumea, it is exposed to prevailing winds, and is mainly used by kite surfers and windsurfers. People come here to relax, spend time with friends or have a picnic.

Just in the alignment of Anse Vata, is Meridien’s beach, hosts of the Meridien hotel. At Oleti Tours, it is one of our favorite, smaller and rather less crowded than Lemon bay, and good for a swim. Less touristic than Lemon bay, local people like it a lot too.

Aquareve beach is just a few hundred meters further. It takes its name from a waterslide aquatic center that used to be there in the 1990s. Aquareve beach is the favorite spot of kite surfers and it is a great place to observe their jumps while sitting comfortably in the shade of a tree. It is also a great site for a picnic.

Driving along the coast, on the promenade Pierre Vernier, is the hidden beach of La cote blanche. It is a beautiful, secluded beach, base of a nautical center.

Finally we will cover 2 more sites slightly further:

Magenta beach is unique in New Caledonia. Don’t expect a white sand beach, here the sand is grey. Magenta beach has shallow water and at low tide a broad section of the foreshore is exposed. If you fancy a stroll on the beach, Magenta beach is Noumea’s best. It is also the beach where you will meet most natives people. Local families come here to play on the sand, have barbecues or play petanque.

Last is Kuendu beach. This is also a very popular spot and many local families come to spend their weekends here. Although close to Noumea, it feels isolated from the rest a city.

Still don’t know which one to choose? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.