Ouen Toro
ouen toro

The Ouen Toro is the most popular touristic viewpoint in Noumea. Enjoy the Beautiful view over the lagoon and admire all the shades of blue. On a beautiful day, you can even see the great reef, about 20 kilometres away from the coast.

The Ouen Toro is a popular touristic lookout but it is also a favourite spot for many New Caledonians. Young people like to spend time with friends there. People also go to the Ouen Toro to practice their favourite activity such as walking, running, or paragliding.

5 facts about the Ouen Toro that most people (including local) don’t know :

1- Its name comes from the Kanak language spoken in Noumea’s area (Djubea Kapone’s area). “Ouen” or “Wan” means hill and Toro is the ironwood tree that grows there.

2- Before being a touristic site, the Ouen Toro has had a rich history; including mining and petrol exploration. Oil odours emissions motivated for petrol exploration. Just down the hill, next to the horse racetrack, the ground was drilled down to 750 meters deep. Drilling was conducted by an Australian company called WC Houston and unfortunately stopped in 1909 due to financial reasons.

3- A fort and cannons: the site has always been strategic and a military base was constructed on its top as early as 1891. Most local people think they are American, but actually the cannons were installed by the Australian Army in 1941.

4- It is one of the 2 sites with substantial dry forest in Noumea (the other one being the zoological and botanical park): over the 63 hectares that the park covers, 3 hectares are covered by dry forest. This might not seem much, but dry forest is one the most endangered ecosystem in New Caledonia and protecting this area is essential.

5- Finally, The Ouen Toro is the southest point of Noumea.  Look in direction of the South and you will spot Amedee Island lighthouse.

Want to know more? Ask for a Ouen Toro tour and we will happy to welcome you. Oleti.