Port Boisé – South of the great south
South of the great south - Port Boisé (2)

Port boisé is a hidden gem of the great south of New Caledonia. Southern inhabited point of the great south, Port Boisé is really worth the trip. From Nouméa, count a 2-hours drive to arrive to Port Boisé. Then enjoy!

Port Boisé (meaning timbered harbour) has been an important site for timber exploitation in the early days of the colony. The wood industry has stopped a long time ago, and the vegetation has since then recovered, but traces of this period are still to be observed. We recommend an exploration of the “chemin des bagnards” (path of penal workers). This shaded path (ideal during the summer period) walks along the coast and will make you discover souvenirs from the timber exploitation. Old stone walls and now collapsed bridges are still to be found amidst a dense tropical vegetation. The path also crosses a creek, perfect to refresh yourself. Now the dense vegetation has fully recovered and Port boisé is famous for its majestic column pine trees.

Also take time to enjoy the sound of many birds, including the famous Goliath Pigeon.

South of the great south - Port Boisé (1)
Kanua Tera Ecolodge

You will find the southern hotel in the region, the Kanua Tera ecolodge. We recommend a night or 2 at the Kanua Tera ecolodge. Local melanesian staff members offer great service, good local food in a wonderful nature with the only sounds of waves and bird songs.

South of the great south - Port Boisé (3)

Port boisé is little known by Caledonian and even less known by tourists, but it is a true haven of peace and in a 2 or 3 days exploration of the great south, we highly recommend to stay there. It is also conveniently located, just a few kilometers from cape Ndu’a and can serve as a base camp to explore the southern tip of the great south.

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PS: On the way to Port Boisé, we recommend a stop at Prony historical village. In a totally different domain, you can not miss the nickel and cobalt chemical plant that operates in the region.