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great south

Colours of the Great South – Prony and Yaté (9 hours)

Our “Colours of the Great South” tour will lead you into the fascinating and wildly unique landscapes of the Great South.

botanical tour noumea

Botanical tour Noumea @ Chateau Hagen (3 hours)

Discover the most emblematic plants and trees of New Caledonia in our interesting and fun botanic tour!

culinary tour noumea (4)

Culinary tour: French food New Caledonia’s style (4 hours)

Bread, cheese and patisserie in our gourmet culinary tour.

Noumea's market

Noumea’s market – Live the life of a local (2 hours)

Discover Noumea’s market, its products, its people and the New Caledonian’s culture!

Sunset Kava melanesian experience

Sunset kava melanesian experience (3 hours)

Experience a unique and authentic moment with melanesian people, in our  “Sunset Kava melanesian experience”  tour! 

blue holes dumbea marmittes du diable (2)-min

Blue holes – Les marmites du diable (8 hours)

Enjoy a great hike and dive into the best blue holes near Noumea. Just 30 minutes from the capital in a pristine nature. Oleti

Dogny plateau

Dogny plateau – 1000 meters of beauty (11 hours)

The Dogny plateau is one of the best hike in New Caledonia. Don’t miss the breathtaking view!

great south

Inspiring Great South – Prony, Yaté and cap N’Dua (11 hours)

Our “Colours of the Great South” tour will lead you into the fascinating and wildly unique landscapes of the Great South.

Giant fern park

Giant fern park (8 hours)

Immerse yourself in a pristine and unique nature. 70% of plants in the giant fern park are endemic to New Caledonia. You will love it!

secrets of coconut square

Secrets of coconut square (2 hours walking tour)

If you like to scratch beneath the surface, “Secrets of Coconut Square” is the perfect tour for you: Join us and you will discover why « La place des cocotiers » also known as Coconut Square is at the heart of Noumea in so many ways !

secrets of coconut square
secrets of coconut square
Tjibaou cultural center, centre culturel tjibaou

Centre culturel Tjibaou – visite guidée (3 heures)

Mêlant réalité de l’histoire récente de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et histoires mythiques kanak, notre visite «Centre culturel de Tjibaou – Histoires d’hommes» est une véritable merveille ….. Venez découvrir avec nous!

Tjibaou cultural center, centre culturel tjibaou

Tjibaou Cultural Center – Stories of men (3 hours)

Mixing reality of the recent history of New Caledonia and kanak mythical stories, our tour “Tjibaou Cultural Center – Stories of men” is a true wonder….. Come and explore with us!