This is the tour, for those looking for a typical melanesian experience! Join us for a sunset tour and enjoy the magic of kava, the traditional Melanesian drink!

Nouméa is famous for its stunning sunsets, but is less known for its Nakamals and Kava culture.

In our “Sunset Kava melanesian experience”  tour, you will taste the Kava drink, but more importantly share a moment of conviviality and experience the culture around Kava.

After we pick you up at your hotel, we will drive to Nouville where the best Nakamals of Nouméa are to be found. The nakamal (sometimes incorrectly called kava “bar”) is the place where Kava can be consumed. 

We have selected for you the best of the best Nakamals: Great view over the ocean for amazing sunsets, welcoming hosts, in a quiet and peaceful environment. 

Before we taste Kava, we will show you the Kava plant (1) and how the drink is prepared and consumed. 

Sun goes down, it is time for a sip (2). Taste the relaxing effect of Kava while you listen to melanesian stories. Feel the soft breeze, smell the smoke of a fire burning in one corner of the nakamal, watch kids playing with a dog and listen to the sound of waves on the beach: that is part of the kava experience!!!

Get away from the crowd with our  “Sunset Kava melanesian experience”  tour and experience a unique and authentic moment with melanesian people. 

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Oleti, thank you, merci.


  1. Kava is made from the root of a plant “Piper methysticum”, which is a “cousin” of pepper. Kava has a relaxing effect. It is found throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures but is mainly consumed in the Melanesian islands of New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Solomon islands.
  2. For those who don’t feel like tasting the Kava drink, soft drinks are available too!



Sunset Kava melanesian experience



Additional information

TicketsAdults, Kids

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION (4:00 pm):  your hotel or Airbnb in Noumea


  • A jacket for fresh season period (June to August)


  • Kava or soft drink
  • English speaking knowledgeable guide
  • Transportation in mini-coach
Sunset Kava melanesian experience
Sunset Kava melanesian experience
Sunset Kava melanesian experience
Sunset Kava melanesian experience
Sunset Kava melanesian experience

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