Traditional fishing  tour

Traditional fishing is still essential for many families in New Caledonia. Fishing means subsistence for many, but there is also a social aspect to it: fishing is a gathering moment for the whole family and community.

One of those families is Enoch’s family. Enoch’s mother is from the island of Mare in New Caledonia while his father is from Vanuatu. When he is not working, you might see him and his family fishing around Noumea.

Enoch will always receive you like a king and will be happy to share all his knowledge.

You will start the day by some traditional fishing: depending on tides and weather conditions, Enoch will bring you to the best spot, and you will experience traditional fishing like the locals do.

At low tide, you might do some on-foot fishing and get some delicious clams. Enoch will teach you all the tricks, and by the end of the day you will be able to spot them. On-foot fishing is always fun and it is a favorite activity of adults and kids.

If wind is not too strong, Enoch will teach you parachute net fishing. This is a true Art mastered by years of practice. He will teach you, how to spot or attract fish, as well as to throw the net so it makes a perfect circle in the water. Lots of fun!

Now is time for a light picnic and Enoch will make you experiment local food: sit on a straw mat under the shade of a tree, and share with the whole family simple fresh products.

This is an ideal tour for the whole family. Kids definitely love it. Always great fun and it makes perfect souvenirs.

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Additional information

TicketsAdults, Kids

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION:   City Cruise Terminal or at your hotel in Noumea

WEAR: Comfortable clothing

INCLUDED:     English speaking knowledgeable guide, transportation in mini-coach, light picnic and complimentary bottled water, lots of fun.

traditional fishing tour
traditional local fishing noumea
traditional local fishing noumea
traditional local fishing noumea
traditional local fishing noumea

Tour Reviews

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July 2, 2019

Oleti’s fishing tour provides a very intimate and personal glimpse into the life and culture of local kanak people. Picked up from my hotel, I was transported to a small community on the outskirts of town. The tour began with introductions about the family table, sipping on fresh coconut juice. I really appreciated the warm welcome from the tour guides Wamy and Ludo and from the local hosts. Having an attentive and sensitive guide to bridge the language divide was excellent. There was a tour of the garden with information on the foods and bush medicines. Learning to throw the net from the beach was an enjoyable hands-on experience. Miguel, the gardener and fisherman, was keen to impart his knowledge, his respect for the traditions handed down to him and to teach you the beauty of the simple life. An authentic and rewarding experience. Highly recommended. Trust the other tours would be just as good!

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