In our tribal tour, experience today’s life in a tribe!

Although New Caledonia has changed substantially since James Cook discovered the island in 1774, some tribes still exist and maintain a traditional way of living. In this tour, you will discover what real tribal life means today.

Far away from the image of the kanak cannibal, this tour will lead you into the peaceful tribe of Oui Poin. Located near the La Foa village, on New Caledonia’s West Coast, about 1h30-drive from Noumea, and perched high in the mountain range, this tribe does benefit for a dense tropical vegetation.

After being welcomed by members of the tribe, let Marie-Hélène, a local guide, teach you about the usage of plants: learn about the essential plants for food (coconut, jam, taro, bananas …), the medicinal plants that have been used to cure people for centuries, as well as the plants grown around each hut to protect its inhabitants from bad spirits.

Because though modernity has reached even the most remote tribes of the island, spirits and strong beliefs are still part of tribal life, and you will be amazed to listen to the myths that have been passed from generation to generation.

For lunch, sit under a traditional hut and enjoy the traditional Bougna (*) that Elise will have cooked for you. A yummy experience of slow food!

In the afternoon, you will have more time to wander in the tribe, meet natives or learn coconut leaves weaving.

Your will enjoy our tribal tour! A wonderful excursion in the native culture and way of living of kanak people. In doing this tour, you also do good by contributing to maintaining activities and enhancing traditional know-hows in this tribe.

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Additional information

TicketsAdults, Kids

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION:   your hotel or Airbnb in Noumea.

WEAR: Comfortable clothing


  • English speaking knowledgeable guide
  • Transportation in mini-coach
  • Lunch
  • Complimentary bottled water
tribal tour
tribal tour
tribal tour
tribal tour
tribal tour

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
May 31, 2018

The tour was to the north of the island for a walk through the rainforest, visiting one of the Melanesian villages. It included traditional Caledonian lunch.

Along the way we stopped at a local street cafe; for drink etc. This is great because get a real feel for the place. My guide’s knowledge of botany was amazing and along the way we stopped for photos.

When we got to the village a very hospitable, and knowledgable lady Marie-Ellen walked us through the forest explaining the way Melanesian people use the plants…………It’s a walk through paradise!

Later we stopped and had a traditional Caledonian lunch in thatched hut. What an experience………….if you’ve seen movies of Tazan and Jungle Jim…………this is it but with wonderful authentic experience.

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