Walking tour in Noumea
walking tour in noumea

Walking dead or alive? Or 7 reasons to do a walking tour in Noumea with Oleti Tours.


1- Definitely we believe in walking alive ;). Walking is healthy: the World Health Organization recommends a 30 minutes physical activity per day, 5 days a week of moderate activity such as walking. Do a walking tour in Noumea with us and you will meet your daily target and feel good

2- A walking tour enables you to really experience the city. You get to see, feel, hear, and smell everything that makes the city. Our walking tour in Noumea focus on the city centre around coconut square and you can experience modern Noumea as well as get a feeling for what life has been since Noumea’s creation 150 years ago.

3- In our walking tour, you can discover at your own pace: you want to spend more time at the cathedral or at the public library, just ask for it. In the fast paced environment in which we live, for once you have the opportunity to slow down.

4- Walking enables you to really meet local people. Coconut square for example is a favourite place for kanak (native) people and you will see how happy they are to share a few words with you.

5- Walking is a sustainable activity. You can do it as much as you want and you should feel good about it. There is no exhaust pipe, no fuel, just good muscle energy.

6- In a walking tour, you just pay for the guide. There is no transfer or transport associated and therefore it is significantly cheaper. This money is solely for the salary of the guide and it will be transferred entirely to the local community.

7- There are many more reasons why a walking tour with us is great. Leave your comments and let us know your thoughts… Thank you, Merci, Oleti.


Oleti tour’s historical walking tour.


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