What are the best Noumea tours?
Noumea tours chateau hagen

What are the best Noumea tours? It really depends on what you are looking for. The capital city of New Caledonia offers many options for those looking for great Noumea tours.

Historical Noumea tours: 

Being the capital city of New Caledonia since 1854, Noumea concentrates lots of the history of the colony. Discover and visit some of the historical colonial houses in the “Faubourg blanchot” district.  In particular, we recommend “La Maison célières” and “Le Château Hagen”.

Before being a nice place to live, Noumea was central for the penal colony. Visit remaining of the penal jails in the district of Nouville.

Finally, there is the Tjibaou cultural center and 4 good museums in Nouméa. The Tjibaou cultural center is really a must go in Noumea: the building is an architectural success in a splendid natural environment. Learn about the Kanak culture and discover some of the founding melanesian myths.

3 museums are currently open in Noumea:

  • The city museum retraces the early years of French presence in New Caledonia till WWI
  • The maritime museum
  • The WWII museum
  • The museum of New Caledonia is under renovation and extension and will reopen in 2022

Nature tours:

Noumea tours sunset

The best nature tours are (obviously) outside of Noumea, but if you have little time, here are 3  good options:

  • Discover the New Caledonian underwater life at the aquarium of Noumea: in particular you can observe the turtle and fish feeding.
  • The parc forestier (zoo) is famous for its large number of birds, and is a great place to observe the endemic cagou bird
  • The Ouen Toro is the only provincial park in the city. For those interested by native flora, the place is famous for its dry forest and hosts the largest collection of Sandal wood trees of New Caledonia’s mainland.

Photography tours:

Noumea is also a great place for photographers. In particular, Noumea boasts impressive sunsets. We recommend lemon bay and Anse Vata as well as Nouville where you enjoy a Kava.

During day time, choose one of the viewpoint like the Ouen Toro or the colonial houses of Faubourg Blanchot, for great colours.


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