What to do in Nouméa – Escapade island
what to do in noumea - escapade island

So what to do in Nouméa? If you don’t know yet, a unique experience is a night or 2 at Escapade island. 

Located just 20 minutes from Noumea by boat, the “Escapade island” luxury resort is a heaven of peace, and the only resort of its kind in New Caledonia.

what to do in noumea - escapade island

Half of the luxury accommodations are built on land, while the more expensive bungalows are on stilts, a few feet above sea level. The hotel offers to its guests, comfortable air conditioned bungalows, a restaurant, bar and a swimming pool. All the convenience on the small island.

Local people call “Escapade island”,  “îlot maitre” and it is one of the first marine reserve in New Caledonia. Created in 1981, the marine reserve boasts an impressive wild life over the 200 hectares of its reef. Many fish are to be observed around the island, as well as an important population of sea turtles (1). To enjoy a swim or dive, the best time is when the tide is high (2).

what to do in noumea - escapade island

The escapade island is also a popular place for its beaches and for kitesurfing and windsurfing. On a windy day, you will observe 10s of sails in the sky of the island. 

To access the island, the hotel boat leaves from Port Moselle approximately every 2 hours. If you need transport from Tontouta international airport, please contact us and we will be happy to welcome you at your arrival in New Caledonia. Like some of our clients, you can leave home in the morning and arrive just a few hours later on Escapade island for a change of universe! 🙂

If you still don’t know what to do in Nouméa, please feel free to contact us for information.

Thank you, oleti, merci.


  1. To observe the sea turtles, the best moment is when the tide is high. Both ends of the islands is where you can see more turtles.
  2. At low tide, the surface of the island doubles, but snorkeling or swimming is only possible from the jetty.
what to do in noumea - escapade island
what to do in noumea – escapade island