July event New Caledonia – Yaté Kanak fair
Event July 2019

July event New Caledonia – Yaté Kanak fair. A must do!

Once a year, the region of Yaté (South of New Caledonia) organizes the famous Kanak fair of Yaté (Nûévarè Xéjö Mô Xé Dra” in local Kanak language) in June or July.
There is a good reason why the fair is organized at this period: it is the fresh season in New Caledonia, when many of the vegetables are harvested.

This year, the fair will be held on Saturday 06th and Sunday 07th of July 2019 in the tribe of Waho, one of the 4 tribes of the region of Yaté. It is already the 21st edition of this fair and it has always been a great success and one of the few opportunities to discover a variety of local products and crafts, taste yummy food, and enjoy the Kanak culture.

From your hotel or accommodation in Noumea, your guide will pick you up and drive you to the South of the island. On the way, you will stop at the lake of Yaté and enjoy the unique landscape of the Great South. Learn from your guide about the history of the dam of Yaté, that produces 20% of the electricity of the island.

A 20 minutes’ drive later, you will arrive to the highest point of the road, where you leave the West coast to get to the tropical East Coast. Stop there to enjoy the magnificent view over the bay of Yaté.  The contrast with the other side of the island is simply stunning!

Event July 2019
Event July 2019 – The Kanak fair of Yaté

Drive down to the sea for another 20 minutes and you will reach the fair, where you will first discover the Kanak culture, music and dances. A variety of workshops are also organized, including weaving, sculpture, and painting.

Discover the local products of the land (Yam, Taro, Cassava, Kanak cabbage, sugar cane … ) and of the sea (fish, crabs, lobsters and shellfish), before it is time to sit down and enjoy a traditional lunch.

Spend the afternoon with your guide and pursue your visit with a walk in the tribe.

A rich and unique day tour, that mixes Great South landscape with a warm welcome by the local population of Yaté. A true MUST DO!

Book now your tour! Special price of 10 000 XPF per person, including lunch.